The Girls and Their Shadows

Chanel Haute Couture

chanelhautecoutureIMG_9917 chanelhautecoutureIMG_9931 chanelhautecoutureIMG_9904 chanelhautecoutureIMG_9905 ChanelHauteCouturess20139913 chanelhautecoutureIMG_9893 chanelhautecoutureIMG_9903 chanelhautecoutureIMG_9907 chanelhautecoutureIMG_9930

I feel guilty to not have posted in  long while, it is not easy to adapt to a “normal” routine that takes your time, but I found this moment before the season finishes to share with you some of my favorite moments of January, the Chanel Haute Couture show. The enchanted arena in the middle of the enchanted forrest a “sad” panorama in the words of fashion veteran Tim Blanks, who told me my favorite show was Chanel’s as it had all that melancholia. Indeed there was a little sadness in all that beauty. In any case truth or not like always Karl succeeds to reinterpret that Chanel spirit in a beautiful and futuristic way, as always!

Be your shadow,




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