Andrej Pejic

The Beautiful Boy

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I never plan what I will post out of fashion weeks or special events, I just look  my photos which re more than 10,000, and I see what talks to me. This time I came cross with Andrej Pejic , the australian androgynous model that has caused sensation in the last years because of his unique physique, indeed it is not easy to guess at first glance if he is a girl or a boy, but still  you recognize the striking beauty. Andrej was recognized in Australia while working in McDonalds, what in his teen years was a cause of being bullied it became its ticket to be famous. I was in the first important show of Andrej ( Jean Paul Gaultier Men’s 2011), show that was themed James Blonde, it was my first ever Jean Paul Gaultier ( A dream come true for me) even though it was men’s and we could say the clothes are not the  best, but it is Jean Paul, and you will always be entertained and come out with a smile 🙂 . In the show I thought he was “The Bond Girl”  as he closed the show. I found out in the press the next day it was actually a boy :)! In any case he is a beautiful person inside out! and I think we will see more, we will see if boy or girl 🙂 . Another living example on how what makes you different, maybe sometimes rejected can just be the thing that will open the door to amazing surprises and gifts.

Be Yourself,




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