Biennale Venice 55

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The Biennale in Venice is like the Mecca of Art, the best artists of the world invade a city that is art by itself. From every corner of the world art is represented in the main pavillion by country from France to Russia each one has something to say in terms of art. The Biennale this year was curated by one of the youngest curators Jhonny (No, not Jhonny Depp) who took care of the main pavillion in the Giardino. I am not an expert o be able to give you a very keen “critic” or verbal experience of such an event, to begin with I can share images with you, to take you in a little trip to Venice and second just give you a little view. The more I see art, the more I feel it is the expression of something within, when I walk in the pavillions I feel I am inside the mind of someone, a “crazy” mind where the “idea” or thought just manifested, it can be crazy, ugly, beautiful, mesmerizing, deathly simple, you can pick the adjectives you want at the end it is all unique in some way and there is no need to try to interpret it or judge it because it is all unique, an that is what is exciting and worth your time. If you are in Venice please go, my favorite thing was an exhibition called Future Generation Artists, it was a special exhibition far away from the everything inside an old venetian palace, the pieces of art looked as part of the historic building and it was that what made it amazing. Perfect combination of Art, Venice and promises for the future. What makes also these days of the Biennale special? Amazing events, some fashion houses compete to throw “The Party”, this time the Trussardis If you go to Venice have fun and get inspired and take your time (there is no slower transport than the Vaporetto) you will need it.

Be Unconventional,




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