Grimes Chanelisime!

The Girl with Flowers

chanelisimaIMG_9863 chanelisimaIMG_9866 chanelisimaIMG_9867 chanelisimaIMG_9868

I confess that before I made this post I did not know who was this lad y in Chanel, canadian singer Grimes, styled to perfection respecting her artistic personality in Chanel As you see in the first foto she just caught my attention from a distance, not only for the style but the contrast in the Chanel Haute Couture SS 2013 crowd, everybody dressed in winter dark colored clothes, she just stands out in a nice way, It almost feel like a character in a painting or story. Of course I had to get near and get the details, like many times I prefer to have a discreet look that in someway shows the moment and the character of the person, here you see the sweet shyness in the middle of all that color and contrast :). But more than shy Grimes is talented singer with a singular personality that you can see in her music and blog. I am not surprised she is there ,  Karl has his vision and instinct to surround the brand of this unique characters that show us how uniquely we can style the brand :).

Be Captured,




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