Cannes 2013

Dreaming of Candid Stars








cannes2013stevenspielberg FRANCE-FILM-FESTIVAL-CANNES cannes2014leonardodicaprio cannes2013leonardo cannes2013leonardodicaprio cannes2013lo cannes2013nicole cannes2013nicolekidman Audrey Tautou Cannes Photo Call - The 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival


There is nothing I find more exciting as a photographer that beauty, candidness and emotion. It is not easy to get the perfecto combination always, I have had many lucky opportunities in my fashion adventures to catch many of those moments, but now that I have done almost all the shows I wanted to do since I was a kid , Cannes is my next “El Dorado” , all the stars, the biggest red carpet, flashes and hundreds of photographers and fans make it “moment” Disneyland in every way. While I go, I can en vision and dream and here are the most inspiring moments I found from yesterday the first day  where the most important screening was that of The Great Gatsby featuring girl of the moment Carey Mulligan, timeless Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Mcguire. Having Nicole Kidman in the Jury promises to be pure fashion inspiration, that started yesterday with Dior Couture ss 2012, with the dress I posted last week (Premonition?…maybe ;)). I chose those moments that make the glamourous human, the rain, the unpredictable and the forever beautiful :).

Be inspired,




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