Juergen Teller

Yellow Stories


More No.2, Connecticut, USA 2000

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juergentellerMarie Piovesan and Marte Mei Van Haaster by Juergen Teller2

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KateMossJuergenTeller14 Lily_Cole_by_Juergen_Teller

Marie Piovesan and Marte Mei Van Haaster by Juergen Teller2

More No.2, Connecticut, USA 2000 scriptical-wordpress-scriptical-wordpress-madre-terra-mariacarla-boscono-by-juergen-teller-for-flair-magazine-october-2012-5 stars-juergen-teller-w-february-04-600x453 stars-juergen-teller-w-february-05-600x453 stars-juergen-teller-w-february-06-600x400 stars-juergen-teller-w-february-11-600x453 stars-juergen-teller-w-february-13-600x453 stars-juergen-teller-w-february-14-600x400 stars-juergen-teller-w-february-18-600x400 stars-juergen-teller-w-february-20-600x453

If there is something I would love to develop on my photography is to create a trademark, one that is noticeable almost from a distance, specially in portraits, I think in photo-journalism I have found it but not in portraits or pre-staged photography. That is why I am big fan of those photographers that have achieved that in masterful way, one of them is Juergen Teller, you can see a picture of him and if you have seen him one you will recognize him without a doubt, the yellow tone, the sometimes “crude” look, sometimes trashy and the laid back feeling of most of his targets make him heart to miss. Teller is a German photographer that has become famous by sticking yo his individual style of over-exposed photos and refusing to “comply” with regular fashion style. Yes he is aquarius like me, I understand that need to not comply :). He has been in the beginning of big stars like Kate Moss, he has photographed him since 1995, Bjork and Marc Jacobs, he has photographed for more than 1o years his campaigns. He called my attention again last February when he did a 20 photo spread inside W magazine portraying the celebrities of the moment (From Tom Cruise to Marion Cotillard), all individual but “Juergen” style. Here is a little tribute with some of my favorite photos (fyi, the baby alone is his, tooooo cute).

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