The Beauty of Dior

Spring, Sparkles and Flowers

diorIMG_1682 DiorIMG_1646diorIMG_1697 DiorIMG_1703 diorIMG_1730 diorIMG_1731 diorIMG_1746 diorIMG_1734 diorIMG_1739 DiorIMG_1741 diorIMG_1743 diorIMG_1749 diorIMG_1752 diorIMG_1692 diorIMG_1753 diorIMG_1760 diorIMG_1762 diorIMG_1765 diorIMG_1766 diorIMG_1767 diorIMG_1769 diorIMG_1780

I really think Christian Dior (The original) must smile from where he is, specially since Raf Simons took over his beloved “maison“, contrary to Yves Saint Laurent (sorry Saint Laurent Paris, now). The most beautiful shows I have seen in the last year have been Dior, feminine, beautiful, respecting the codes of a legendary house but sparkling it with modernity and why not taking it a step further into the future (Dior for the new Millennium) . As we get into spring more and more, even though here in Paris it seems to come and go when it comes to the temperature, I felt it was time to make the complete post of Dior’s Haute Couture last show that was an Ode to the blossoming spring (I shall add in the middle of a snowy day in Paris last February), it made us all dream :). From the impeccable short hair of the girls, the details on the dresses and the forest feel, we all ended up saying bellisimo! and even after causing such an impression in the audience Raf keeps that humble/shy feel that is bigger than him and makes him even more admirable.





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