Aline Ochoa & Tom Bauer

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During the last Press Days in Paris I discovered the label  Aline Ochoa at the 2eme Bureau in Paris. When Claire was explaining the background of the brand at the same time she was showing the designs I just had to do this interview. To start Aline is Mexican and second she partnered with her husband Tom Bauer who is a photographer collaborating with her in several creative aspects but one I found really nice is photography, Aline gets inspiration from Tom’s pictures to create the collection, some of the prints come from original photographs and some of the shapes are adapted to them. When you look at the results, you see love is part of the creative material J, as some of the pieces are just beautiful.

Both started their separate ways, Aline grew up in Europe and first pursued studies of architecture in London and afterwards fashion design in Rome. She changed her direction to fashion during her architecture years when she used to make her own clothes and was stopped in the street by someone who asked her if she could do the same pieces for them, sometimes a little sign can change your road.

After graduating she had the opportunity to work for some of the most prestigious houses, Alexander MacQueen, Givenchy and Azzedine Alaia (just some of the best brands out there).

As you see the collection you feel her background and unique style, “Architectural, Modern and Nature” in her own words.

Before meeting Thomas she already started selling “ready-to-measure”  to Henri Bendel New York through punctual trunk shows and later motivated by the buying director of the iconic store she decided to create her first ready to wear line.

It is in 2008 when she meets her future husband and partner at a creative fair while looking for a fashion photographer but until a year later their paths crossed again with a sparkle and a desire to partner up in creating the official label Aline Ochoa. According to both they where in the right time to create something with a partner being much easier to work as a team than alone, and they found in each other that perfect partner.

Aline says Tom brings the creative ideas and she blends them together to create the collection, with love, passion and dedication they have succeeded to create already 4 collections and are starting to sell in different parts of the world.

All clothes are put together in Switzerland but the atelier is in the heart of Saint Germain.

I love the collection as they are pieces that really take into consideration the architecture of the woman cutting in the right places to enhance here and there, giving you a feminine power as you wear them, you may just conquer the night, the guy or board meeting wearing some of her designs.

It was a pleasure meeting them seeing how the vision of two creative talented people (I have to ad in love J ) can give such an amazing result. A desirable business model!

For the future expect soon a store of the band in Paris where most probably you will meet them as it is one of their desires to get to know in person their clients as their label develops.  Stay tuned.

Be Feminine and Powerful,





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