Dior Miniature Chic

Miniature Chic

diorspringsummer2013IMG_6795-2 diorspringsummer2013IMG_6787 diorspringsummer2013IMG_6793 diorspringsummer2013IMG_6788 diorspringsummer2013IMG_6790 Diorspringsummer2013IMG_6794 DiorSPringSUmmmer2013IMG_6801 diorspringsummer2013IMG_6791 DiorSpringSUmmer2013IMG_6796 DiorSpringSummer2013IMG_6798 DiorSpringSummer2013IMG_6802 diorspringsummer2013IMG_6815 diorspringsummer2013IMG_6818 diorspringsummer2013IMG_6820 diorspringsummer2013IMG_6827 diorspringsummer2013IMG_6828 diorspringsummer2013IMG_6832 diorspringsummerIMG_6797 diorspringsummerIMG_6800 diorspringsummerIMG_6817

As I was walking in Avenue Montaigne I stopped to see the windows of the Dior Boutique at first I did not see a big deal on the windows just regular beautiful    but when I looked down I saw the little (awesome) detail, the miniature figures dressed in Dior, can we get cooler than that? sometimes those little details go a long way. Of course the collection is superb! pure Simmons.

Be Surprised,





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