Lovers Bridge

Love in Spring

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If you asked me what is one of my favorite things to do in  my life, I would tell you, walk in Paris. I have been in the city for almost 7 years and it is one of things that gives me the biggest joys and in spring its even better. Last Sunday I woke up quite early to get the morning breeze, Rumi said “The morning breeze has its secrets”, indeed it does, some of the best pictures come out at the early hours. From my walk I wanted to share with you ‘Le Pont des Arts” or better known as “The Lovers Bridge”, the must destination of lovers and couples that come from around the world and also from Paris come and put their “love-locket” as a romantic symbol of their visit. You can see all kinds of lockets in shapes, colors, languages, which is quite fun to observe, the unromantic part I found out is that once in a while they change the different metal sides of the bridge so people can put more… so don’t be sad if you put a locket there and you came back a few years later and it is not there, the city hall took it! So take a picture when you do :).

This iconic bridge was built in 1801 and it was the first metalic bridge in Paris and it was built by Napoleon Bonaparte to go from one side to the other, and in its time it was a “Suspended Garden” it had to be in perfect state as members of the court used it regularly to go to the other side of the seine from the Louvre. (I had to share this Wikipedia moment with you 🙂 )

That morning I was not the only one inspired to take pictures as you will see there where two photo shoots at the same time, this bridge and Alexandre III are the most popular scenes to take fashion shoots that have all that parisian flair.  I have used it myself at my fashion “Shoes in Paris” series. Soon I will share other nice spring photos of beautiful Paris, and of course fashion pictures, don’t worry I have not decided to become a travel blog, but I really wanted to share these ones :).

Be Beautiful,




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