Paris Marathon 2013

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This morning I had an appointment and decided to go early  taking advantage of the sunny day, which has been a rare thing in Paris these past days, thinking I would take some photos of the Jardin de Luxemburg in the bright morning, but I could not even cross the street because of the Paris Marathon that was taking place. At first I was annoyed and then I thought it was an amazing opportunity to take pictures of a unique event (you don’t get thousands of runners at a time! In one place). It was great! and fascinating, I have been running for 20 years and never done a marathon, after today I will! I love the concept of marathon as it is not about winning or being first (at least for many) it is about starting and finishing something that seems quite challenging for many, you do it for You. Some people run many marathon’s a year and others just do it once to know that they are capable of doing more than they are use to.  So when you take a marathon to your daily life it is about to getting your objectives, dreams and goals at your own time, you know once you start and get at a certain point you just can’t quit, you have to persevere and not look back or to the sides even, just the front and you will arrive sooner or later and that is the true satisfaction, like the famous quote from Arthur Ashe  Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome. When you own this philosophy there are no limits just a vision of courage, persistence and taking your time, but not giving up :). On less profound matters I would like to add two points, as you can see in the pictures there is indeed some “fashion” consciousness going on in Marathons or do you think this fluorescent socks are just a mere coincidence?, second, my girlfriends and I often ask where are the guys – mmm – the “cute guys”, after what I saw this morning I think they are running marathons ;)!

Be Challenged,





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  1. I Just like your post! You can be so expressive and intense! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing globetrotter life.
    Hope to seen you soon

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