Louis Vuitton FW 2013

Louis-Vuitton-SS2013-107397 Louis-Vuitton-SS-2013-239877 Louis-Vuitton-SS2013-1025541 Louis-Vuitton-SS2013-1204677 Louis-Vuitton-SS2013-1561477 Louis-Vuitton-SS2013-2338053 Louis-Vuitton-SS2013-2735557 Louis-Vuitton-SS2013 Louis-Vuitton-SS2013d LouisVuitton-FW2013o LouisVuitton-SS-2013537669 LouisVuitton-SS2013- Louis-Vuitton-SS2013-2028421 LouisVuitton-SS2013-1099781 Louis-Vuitton-SS201301169605 LouisVuitton-SS2013-1524229 LouisVuitton-SS2013 LouisVuitton-SS2013f LouisVuittonSS2013988293 LouisVuittonFWss2013808965 LouisVuittonSS2013s Louis-Vuitton-SS20132445893 LouisVuittonSS2013637829 LouisVuittonss2013705797 LouisVuitton-SS20132567941 LouisVuitton-SS20132920261 LouisVuitton-SS2013-3360773


If you look at most magazine covers and editos it is sure you will find a Louis Vuitton piece. This spring summer Marc Jacobs created such a distinctive line that you can recognize it very easily, each time it is inside a magazine it is almost an advertising by itself. It is cool to see the collection through the fashion shows just before they will go in the press, but sometimes I postpone so much the post, I go beyond the season! because I have the new things that come, so before that happened I had to share the photos of the last show. Marc always succeeds to surprise us in a big way. What else can you expect! This time as we came in the fact of seeing 4 huge electric escalators in front of what looked like a gigantic checkers board in yellow and white did leave us saying wow! After as the show started the “geometry” of the girls coming in pairs, coordinated by their colors, hairs and shoes gave you the impression of another “planet” . Very feminine, graphic  and joyful this collection stands out from the rest. It is fun also to see the people watch the show, I had all the royalty of the press and celebrities enjoy the show, it is part of the experience. And of course seeing Marc Jacobs salute his crowd, that this time came running down the stairs  like a little boy, jumping and going back up, I would too!

Be Joyful,




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