Art Paris 2013

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There is something about going to Art Fairs that is simply inspiring, see how  many possible expressions of ideas, emotions, social issues can take form in various ways and formats. As A photographer and creative director is a source of limitless inspiration. This last weekend I took the opportunity to get lost in the halls of the Grand Palais and visit the different galleries that where exhibiting there for Art Paris Art Fair. I was impressed by various works that are pictured here, unfortunately I don’t have the names of all you will have to give a little tour to the Art Paris site, but I hope you enjoy. As a photographer I think if I ever become an art collector there will be many photos more than anything else, this time I discovered the incredible paparazzi Ron Gallela, who photographed some of the most iconic personalities of the last century in very unique moments, he had an obsession is Jackie Kennedy, but has some great shots of l Pacino, The Rolling Stones, one of my favorites is that of MIck Jaegger with John Lennon, just an amazing moment, I would gladly put those on my walls :). In the more “plastic” side Lucy Glendinning’s feather child was just incredible, it looks from another planet and alive, she is represented by the Galerie Da End, you can visit if you are in Paris . Please go to the Art Paris Site and explore the galleries, if you love art or are looking to get inspired on what is out there it is just a great thing to do. Art shows that there is really no ugly or pretty when it comes to creation, there is authentic and unique, which is more important both in Art and life.

Be Inspired,







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