Fiona Bennett

The Queen of Hats

fionabennetIMG_9179 fionabennetIMG_9180 fionabennetIMG_9144 fionabennetIMG_9155Foto_Marcel_Steger fionabennetIMG_9145 fionabennetIMG_9156 fionabennetIMG_9146 fionabennetIMG_9157 FionaBennetIMG_9158 fionabennetIMG_9166 fionabennetIMG_9167 fionabennetIMG_9169 fionabennetIMG_9178608_cover_fiona-bennett_3d

This last January in a snowy day I had the opportunity to visit the talented hat designer Fiona Bennett. After 25 years of career she is the most renowned hat designer in Germany. I met her last year by coincidence when I was coming back from Germany, when I met her on the train. After she gave me her card and I looked it up on Google I loved her creations, I promised myself visit her next time I was in Berlin, specially now that she just opened a new store in Berlin’s trendiest area. I went to visit the store and was happily surprised, beautiful, futuristic and of course filled with wonderful hats. From simple to extravagant. I had a lively conversation on her beginnings when Germany was still separated and how she has a pioneer in fashion, through hard work today she is an established name in both sides. This month  she launched a book with all her adventures now available in German but soon in English, on the cover she is wearing my favorite creation, the stars hat! Be@utiful!

Be Unique,




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