Acne & William Wegman

Another kind of supermodel

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Sorry for the absence and thank you for your  emails, it is a time of changes in my life and blog and I have been rearranging somethings, but I am back :)! I wanted to talk about the Acne Studios Spring Summer 2013 campaign developed by one of the coolest photographers William Wegman, who in difference to most famous photographers in fashion today his muses have been his dogs starting in 1970 with “Man Ray” that is not with us any more but Wegman has continued his art with the ‘offspring” of his dogs. After more than 30 years of career in publishing, photography and television he has rarely collaborated with fashion, today Acne called his unique vision to promote their new collection, the result: Brilliant! Between all the supermodels inside a regular fashion magazine these pictures just will make you smile! no super woman to compare yourself with, just a dose of humor and of course cool ACNE STUDIOS FASHION. I find that this collaborations between artists and fashion should happen more often, it is sad but when you follow magazines closely after years you notice everything is kind of the same… let’s see if this inspires others to do different things.

Be Original,





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