Vanessa Bruno FW 2013


vanessabrunoIMG_2228 vanessabrunoIMG_2235 vanessabrunoIMG_2233 vanessabrunoIMG_2240 vanessabrunoIMG_2212 vanessabrunoIMG_2226 vanessabrunoIMG_2216 vanessabrunoIMG_2219 vanessabrunoIMG_2223 vanessabrunoIMG_2224 vanessajeffersonhackIMG_2209 vanessabrunoIMG_2229 vanessabrunoIMG_2230 vanessabrunoIMG_2242 vanessabrunoIMG_2246 vanessabrunoIMG_2249 vanessabrunoIMG_2250 vanessabrunoIMG_2251

Vanessa Bruno has become an established name when we think of “Parisian” women, simple and elegant with that “Je ne sais pas quoin” her clothes reflect that intriguing style that characterize the citizens of the city of lights. This season she gave us a feminine-masculine collection mixing tailored elements like pants, jackets and coats mixed with white silky sequined blouses that gave a feminine touch to the masculine pieces. In general there was something very balanced “Ying and Yang”. As always as I observe the collections I like to observe people, having in front of me the talented and fastest reviewer of the industry Nicole Phelps from, who is besides the stylish Alexandra Golovanoff the famous presenter of the french fashion series “La Mode, La Mode, La Mode” who was taking pictures herself ;), and of course my favorite editor Jefferson Hack from Dazed and Confused who I caught in the middle of two I Phones! Congratulations to Vanessa for a great collection!

Be Zen,





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