Catherine Deneuve @ Lanvin

In the MiddlecatherinedeneuveIMG_1820catherineIMG_1818 catherinedeneuveIMG_1822 catherinedeneuveIMG_1821catherinedeneuveIMG_1819strobel-bit-3

Lately I have a real passion on taking wide angle pictures getting as much as possible of what is going on but focusing on a specific thing, my inspiration is the famous painting that is hosted at El Prado Museum La Degollacion de San Juan Bautista” by Bartholomäus Strobel. Whenever I go to Madrid I have to pass to see it, I am amazed on how Strobel could capture so many people and their expressions in one scene considering at the time there was no camera, he really had some picture in his mind. Lately because I don’t high a strong zoom lens when I am from a far I get this effect as I can’t focus on just one person or thing. It is what happened at Pucci show. At Lanvin FW 2013  was trying to capture the iconic Catherine Deneuve who was in the middle of the frenzy being photographed along side the reputable Suzy Menkes, you can’t miss that hair!. As I am arranging my picture I thought I had the same picture several times but in fact no, the Deneuve and Menkes don’t move much but everything around them yes! there are stories going on and some big names to Franca Sozzani, Giovana Battaglia and of course the huge body guards that always become a main character in these pictures! It is a little “Where is Waldo Game”  Soon a super post of Lanvin is coming! In the mean time please visit the site of Lanvin and check the backstage photos of Mark Leibowitz! BEAUTIFUL!! best backstage I have seen! (Mi idolo!)

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