Philipp Plein FW 2013

Sexy Moment

philipplein philippleinIMG_0308

German designer Philipp Plein is known for his extravagant side both in his shows as in his clothes, between “bling-bling” and sexy Plein has made a name for himself in the fashion scene, relatively young (35) has had quite a success since the creation of his brand in 2004. He won the designer of the year award in 2007 for GQ, he even created a limited edition Barbie among many other things.  His last show at the Milan Fashion week he decided to recreate a dark forest ambiance , it was my first show but everybody says it is quite his  thing. The show opened with an exclusive performance of Grace Jones!.The first look made his mark with the half naked girl between bulgar and sexy, but definitely a marked moment, specially the second photo, it was that painting effect I looove with all the characters! After the show we met with Philip who just sweats “coolness” but I will post more pictures later!

Be Sexy




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