Diesel & Edun

A night to Remember









There are moments in life that I think stay with you forever, meeting one of your favorite singer/person (Bono)  “ever” by surprise at a party is on my list… I think I listened to All I want is You (I dedicate to my love wherever he is :))  and One when I was thirteen 1000 times, which makes me a 20 year old fan! . This past fashion week I was invited to the Diesel Edun: A collection Born in Africa,  party to celebrate the launch of the amazing project between Renzo Rosso’s Diesel and Edun the brand of Bono’s wife Ali Hewson who is an amazing lady in heart and vision. The partnership got together to produce a collection in Africa helping employ hundreds of people giving them more than money but hope to establish and improve their lives in the longterm, all three went to Africa to oversee part of the project and promote it personally which I find remarkable, people who invest themselves to make a difference not only give money to a cause. I am a big fan of Bono in one side because of his amazing musical talent but most of all his human quality that is an example to many, his work both in ONE , RED and his latest TED talk proves it! Same for Renzo Rosso in his way he always put his heart on important projects and of course Ali Hewson who created EDUN under all the philosophy of making a difference through all the product line. Going back to the party it all happened by “serendipity” but I guess it was just meant to be ;). I did not take many pictures as it was slightly exclusive ambiance and I like to respect that, but I had to take some and have my picture which I normally don’t do but I want to remember this moment when I am 80! and also I posted as a last picture a photo I took at a concert in 2010 in Paris I was in the central ring, I could touch Bono’s feet if I wanted, but this is the best picture I got…. I was sad I could not get better ones, and this moment was decisive on buying a new camera and yes loving taking photographs, just then I did not know everything I would see after…my fashionable adventure started 15 Days later October 5th, and I guess I just got the best picture I could ever get :). Life is a wonderful adventure, as you think that way it surprises more than you can imagine :). Dedicating this to Mrs. Rest!

Be Surprised.



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