Around the World of Chanel

Around the World

130206265chanelIMG_4084 chanelIMG_4030 chanelIMG_4085 chanelIMG_4066 chanelIMG_4074 chanelIMG_4067130205560 chanelIMG_4073 chanelIMG_4068 chanelIMG_4107 chanelIMG_3970 chanelIMG_4072 chanelIMG_4113 chanelIMG_4130 chanelIMG_4112 130206265 chanelIMG_4124chanelIMG_4132 130206282

This season Karl took us around the world (Literally and musically through the sound of Daft Punk), an impressive black globe placed in the middle of the Grand Palais would be the epicenter where the girls would walk. As usual the collection did not disappoint, Karl in a very versatile way played with the Chanel soul, creating skirts, jackets, black pants, feminine, masculine, a touch of everything, I want it all, I am sure I am not alone. If you want to see the show go here.

Be Global,



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