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Serendipity: the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. 

For a while I have been wanting to make a little section on my blog about “Inspiration and Philosophy”, I did not go about it as it is not necessarily the most related thing to fashion, but as I develop my voice and vision it is part of what Violeta Purple is all about. If I did not have that part in me, most probably I would not be writing this now and not lived, seen and shared all my this in the last two years.My purpose is hopefully to here and there inspire you in whatever you are doing to have faith, trust yourself and your dreams and be bold about them, if I achieve that in some way I will be very happy and feel my blog has a deeper purpose.  So, I start with “Serendipity” .  The space where you are open to receive happy coincidences from everywhere. This blog is the happiest accident of my life, I always loved fashion, in some way dreamed about it but I never really found a way to be in it. One day more than two years ago the camera of a friend became my ticket to a new experience,  today I have been very lucky to have seen most of the things I dreamed of and meet-greet personalities I admired for a long time, the beginning was an “accident” and the development lots of work, courage but also luck!.

The message of this post is Be Open to opportunities they come from everywhere, there is no “unique way“, there are regular ones and “miraculous” ones, I prefer the second ones.  Be Curious, talking to people, going places you never go to, talk to strangers, ask questions in those little things you never know what may you find out or meet that could be just what you needed to take you where you want to go and Be Grateful and Positive, it is in this sate that you let Serendipity knock in your door, from this place you say to life, I am happy and ready to continue this way and life will give you more reasons… I assure you ;).

Be Ready,



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