Louis Vuitton FW 2013

Glamour Hotel

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Always when you enter a Louis Vuitton show, you don’t know what to expect, you see the setting and you try to imagine how exactly the show will be, what is sure is that you will be surprised, and indeed we where not only surprised but pleased.

As you enter the venue you had the feeling to be in a 5 star palace hallway looking at the doors of the rooms. A great inclination to Vuitton’s core value of the art of travel.

When the show started in different turns the doors opened to reveal a different looks, I could not realize which look was my favorite. The girls came out in pajama/loungewear inspired clothes, but all with a touch of glamour, from lace, to cashmere, embellishments in the coats, all had a vintage elegant look. It felt like 1950’s movie.

All the top models where there but Kate Moss closed the show, looking simply amazing, I have never seen Kate on a show and seeing her I understand now the unique air she has, the heroine of the movie closed the show ;). If you want to see the video, go here. This post I dedicate to a very special lady in Brazil (Elsaine) who is the best Vuitton dressed woman I know 🙂 and Tanja (xo)!.

Be Extraordinaire,




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