H&M FW 2013

First Show in Paris

IMG_1348 IMG_1432 IMG_1374 IMG_1375 IMG_1445 IMG_1387 IMG_1376 IMG_1437 IMG_1386 IMG_1436 IMG_1402 IMG_1411 IMG_1415 IMG_1458 IMG_1416 IMG_1431 IMG_1417 IMG_1426 IMG_1442 IMG_1455 IMG_1469 IMG_1461 IMG_1471 IMG_1479

H&M showed their first ever cat-walk presentation in Paris. They built their house to throw on of the biggest parties after. Inside the Rodin Museum they built up a Mansion, with everything in it from bathroom to the bedroom. Of course all the elite of fashion was there from the editors, bloggers and celebrities like Stephano Tonchi, Godfrey Deny, Garance Dore, Scott Schumann, Olivier Zham among many others. As amazing as the place and event was the clothes where not as impressive, H7M has had some great collections through the years that definitely where better than this one, I guess they will leave true design and styling for the next show… The best thing where the top models Cara Delevigne, Isabeli Fontani, Arizona Muse, Daphne Groeveland and Carmen Perdaru, that gave the true life to the show. I got lucky and I was seating besides the camera of the house and the girls had to pose in front. (note to self… use your flash! ) but still there are some great shots :).

Be Extraordinaire,





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