Black Leather by Jil Sander

The Leather Dress

jilsanderIMG_9955 jilsanderIMG_9954 jilsanderjeffersonIMG_9979 jilsanderMG_9956

Today I had my first Jil Sander show with Jil Sander! Being her second season back, Mrs. Sander did not disappoint, true to her origins that created her success she continues to charm us with he luxurious basic (yes it is an oxymoron) cool. From the colors to the shape you imagine owning some of those pieces for a few years as they are not meant to last a season (I would almost dare lifetime) and they would keep that timelessness. My favorite look was this leather dress (there are many!) but as I really love leather now, it is an example of simple boldness as it takes some guts to wear all leather, but with a dress like this, forget about the guts and just get your attitude :). I added a little bonus a peeping moment on one of the people in fashion I must admire Jefferson Hack ;), it is part of the fun for me to check out everybody as I am watching the show, you can see also Mr. Blanks (check camel jacket and white hair), who I admire a lot,  working hard, writing up his review.

Be True,





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