Big Hair and Pure Glamour

Big Hair and Big Glamour

bottegavenetaIMG_9808 bottegavenetaIMG_9809bottegaIMG_9856 bottegavenetoIMG_9854 bottegavenetaIMG_9835 bottegavenetaIMG_9843 bottegavenetaIMG_9829 bottegavenetaIMG_9889 bottegavenetoIMG_9838 bottegavenetaIMG_9844 bottegaIMG_9885 bottegavenetoIMG_9841 bottegavenetaIMG_9867 bottegavenetaIMG_9860 bottegavenetaIMG_9865 bottegavenetoIMG_9882

The day started with the collection of Bottega Veneta,  glamour, elegance and that twenty first century vintage air was there. Starting with the big Greta Garbo hair, and the red lipstick completed perfectly each and every look. In a first regard one would think if 1940 but looking in detail the cuts are modern, the mix of materials, the square shoulders and the details on every piece takes us to the twenty first century. This year Bottega Veneta has reached one billion dollars in sales, even though accessories (intrinseco bags) are the most important part of the business, the pret-a-porter is very promising and with collections like this more than ever. We will have to wait and see, but what is sure is if I could I would buy everything!

Be Glamourous,




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