Dsquared@ FW 2013 – Bette and Cara

Best Moments

dsquaredIMG_3201 dsquaredIMG_3193 dsquaredIMG_3202 dsquaredIMG_3195 dsquaredIMG_3200dsquaredIMG_3197 dsquaredIMG_3226 dsquaredIMG_3224

Today was a day of firsts indeed, first Prada and Dsquared2 both brands I like a lot. Dsquared presented a collection at a disco at the Alkatraz disco in the outskirts. Reviving the  classy ambiance of the fifties with songs from the time like “Feeling Good” and many others. Inspired by the man and glamour that sexy combination of the masculine accessorized in a feminine way. Decorative hats, cigarettes, long velvet robes and of course the “incontournable” smoking and bow tie. For the moment I share with you my favorite moments, both Bette Franke who is my favorite model and the girl Cara Delevigne between serious and funny. A very fun and commercial collection. If you want to see the show, just go here :). You will have fun!

Be Fun,



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