Tom Ford FW 2013

The Return

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Tom Ford has been slowly but surely going back into women’s wear, firsts with his vert unique private presentation and now with his return to the catwalk. The ancient artistic designer that made Gucci and YSL rock now is giving himself the complete spotlight with this presentation inspired in modern art. To be honest being a very big fan of Tom Ford I was a little disappointed I am not sure it has that “wow” effect, yes many pieces where of superb material and cut but the end result was not to dream, in some cases too much, the knee high boots that where the same pattern as the top part where a little much and bulkied too much the look of the girl. We could see the classic Zebra prints he used at Gucci as the well constructed jackets and skirts on YSL. He needs to polish what the codes of Tom Ford will be in women, in men he defined it so well his success comes from that. To be continued.

Be Sure,




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