Elie Saab Haute Couture SS 2013

I want to be a Princess

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As a woman that wants to look simply Amazing, there is one man that will make you dream come true  for sure, Elie Saab. The moment you enter the show is a frenzy celebrity friends and clients like Dita Von Teese and Virginie Ledoyen photographed by paparazzis and curious guests, royalty  from the middle  east  and a pack of hollywood stylists ready to reserve some gowns for the upcoming red carpet season .  As every season Saab’s strong point is the beadwork in sumptuous fabrics like  tulle and silk , with solid tones mainly in pastels teal, beige and grey but with some boldness too with red and black. The bride for who I will make a separate  post she was breathtaking. The collection named Ode to Delicatedeness was indeed the right title, the necklines, the flowers, the flowiness all kept this concept in the air celebrating this part of feminity. In any case whether you are a star ready for the red carpet or a girl ready for one of the most special day, you will definitely find the one that will make you sublime!

Be Delicate




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