Oscar Carvall Couture SS 2013

First Show


This is a very special moment/picture to me, seeing a dear friend prepare for his first Haute Couture show in Paris and having the pleasure to capture every moment. This is the first time I have done a fitting it is just the best thing of the world, of course I can’t shoe you anything except this little glimpse, I can promise it is going to  be great! I am so excited for Oscar and happy to be part of this journey. Stay tuned for more, the show is tomorrow!

Be Ready,




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  1. Oscar Cavallo”s recent collection is not haute couture! It’s couture, only. Even though the process is the same with haute couture, the label “haute couture” can only be used when a designer receives an appellation from Chambre Syndicale. Great photos, though! ^_^

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