Alexis Mabille Haute Couture SS 2013

Beautiful Dress, Beautiful Dita

aIMG_9265 aIMG_9272 aIMG_9274 aIMG_9277 aIMG_9281 aIMG_9285 aIMG_9289

aIMG_9322 106376642 aIMG_9293 aIMG_9294 aIMG_9327 aIMG_9344 aIMG_9347 106384878

Alexis Mabille is my lucky charm, two years ago he was my first ever Haute Couture Show as I stood in the door hoping to get in, today it is a pleasure and gift to be invited. This season’s collection was very Mabille filled with femininity, law, bows and transparency. in a pink decorated salon, some of his creations make me think of a princess in a fairy tale s some models remind me of their heroines, sleeping beauty or cinderella ready to go to “The Ball”. In front of me there was Dita Von Teese who for me was part of the show in a way so graceful and elegant as always looking at the show. And yes also Dita Von Teese is the first celebrity I ever photographed when this adventure started. This makes is official part 2 is about to begin! Just a Beautiful experience.






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