From Franziska Michael to Boulezar

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Here is the recap of my second day in @ Berlin Fashion Week. I started with the presentation Franziska Michael a young designer that started her label in 2009, she has a unique style and I really thought her presentation was quite beautiful ( Love the roses and the Balenciaga shape). Then I had to run to Mykita at the heart of Mitte to take a look at the Haus, have lunch and interview one of the founders of Mykita Phillip Haffmans. Mykita is one of my favorite brands as they are young, they started from zero and are today one of the most innovative eyewear brands in the market, so stay tuned for that story. The run back to the center to see my dear friends Alfons Kaiser one of the Editor in Chief of Germany’s most important newspapers Frankfurter Allemaigne and Helmut Fricke one of the most talented photographers I know specialized in photo journalism, there was a special exhibition of the streetstyle pictures he took in Paris, Milan and New York, there are many personalities of fashion in the pictures, soon also I will share with  you the gallery so you take a look yourself :). The Augustin Teboul, the magical duo- check the post of yesterday! My last show of the night was Lala Berlin which is one of the favorite brands of the Berliners (no wonder with the name 🙂 ), I loved the fact Leila Piedayesh sent her daughter in the catwalk! too cute. I finished my night with an unexpected discovery Boulezar, the brand of three very creative people, handsome super model Lenz Von Johnston (current model of Gucci Eyewear- and I have to say not only very handsome outside but inside to ;)) and his partners , creating a new concept of “Sportification” sophisticated – sportswear, clothes that in the look are sporty but the materials make it luxurious and sophisticated. It was a nice surprise as all three where there, being models and spokepersons for the brand which I think in these days being your brand is just very important, be part part of the story you are telling. More details to come on everything but I just wanted to share it with you all!

Be in the move,





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