5 Minutes with Jefferson Hack


A highlight of my trip to Berlin was talking to Jefferson Hackman from the founder of Dazedgroup, one of the most important Fashion media groups today. I wanted to talk to him just to ask him what he thought was key in his vision to succeed, as he started from zero to what he is today . He underlined the importance on believing in what you do and creating a Team of like minded people to really stick together, don’t worry about the money it will come and be patient. For my work he said keep doing it, you seem passionate, you will succeed. May his words be those of a prophet :). In any case in some way he made my day and inspired me to work harder and he gave me his email, who knows… To be continued. In any case I am ready for the next step 🙂 of this fashionable adventure!

Thank you Jefferson!

Follow your vision,





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