MBFW Berlin FW 2013

From Lena Hoschek to Consuelo Casiglioni

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Yesterday was the first day of the MBFW Berlin, a very full day filled with some great moments, some nice surprises and people. Here I portray the different moments in no particular order as when I have very crowded days I feel it is a little like a dream so I pass it to you in images. What I can tell you is that the first dress is from designer of tomorrow Landor Can chosen last summer by Marc Jacobs to show in the tent, he is amazing, some kind of Alexander McQueen, a unique bubble flower dress filled with romance and drama, and the last dress from the already established but young designer Kilian Kerner, another one that feel it is a little McQueen specially for the make up but the work on the dress does have traces of haute couture, in any case both show that some very special designers are in Berlin. As for the rest I started the day with Lena Hoschek who gave us au unique an interpretation of Bavarian Punk, I see little of Westwood in here but in her own style. After Rebeka Ruetts who had very unique head pieces that where needed to compliment her simple collection, it is not a critic or maybe yes but I feel in Berlin they need to take a little more care in the styling to give a story and personality to the shows. I say Marc Stone too and my favorite young du Perret Schaad whose designs are simple but ultra sophisticated thanks to their skilled patterns and luxurious materials. And yes there is no only fashion you have the receptions and events, with my dear friend Alfons Kaiser from Germany’s leading newspaper who I contribute with in their magazine we went to the Flair Magazine one year anniversary, the first magazine to successfully combine the concepts of Fashion and The Home in a very cook way, then we ran to the Closed Jeans Presentation, that presented their collection in a very big space just beside Andreas Murkudis concept store, the collection was made by one od Germany’s most talented designers Kostas Murkudis (brother of Andreas Murkudis), I loved the presentation as it had very nice projections on the huge walls, a trend I find more presentations should follow!, and lastly I ended up in Germany’s biggest department store for the launch of Marni’s new perfume (no advertising, but you have to buy it, it is just great!, feminine and romantic) where we had the opportunity to chit and chat with Consuelo Castiglioni, who I deeply admire as she created with her husband from the ground up one of the coolest brands out there! I think sometimes I am really dreaming!

So after a glass of champagne, a head and heart filled with moments I went home @ cold Berlin (-7 for a Mexican Is the equivalent of -15) lol!  I leave you now! There is more to see!

Be an adventurer!





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