The Men of Pitti Uomo












Being in Pitti has been a rich experience in many senses, the events, the fair, the fact that it is in Florence, but if you ask me, what is one of my favorite things? … The Men, their style I would call it men’s wear Disneyland. Whether you prefer Dandy style, sport, rock, urban you name it, it is there at its best. I am preparing an article for Mexico about Pitti and I asked some of the influential of fashion to tell me their thoughts on the Fair and for this post I will post Scott Schuman from The Sartoialist, “It is where the men express their best style”, Schumann was one of the first bloggers (if not the first) to discover this side of Pitti, and thanks to the media and in the desire of many assistants to shine in this media frenzy they just look amazing, and a difference I feel from any other fashion weeks is the fact that even if some looks are very well studied in most there is something natural that really feels as the expression of the individual style of each men, which is very nice to watch. I could say that in Pitti you just see fashion meet one of its most important objectives, be a signature of who you are, something that makes you stand out in a unique individual way .  Oh yes, I hope to return more than once, this could become addictive!

Be Unique,



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