Maison Kitsune Showbusiness @ Pitti

First Women’s Collection

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The hippest of “concept” Brands Maison Kitsune, presented yesterday during the busiest day @ Pitti their first women’s collection. Following their unique concept of being a music label in one side and a fashion brand on the other they decided to make a presentation that combines both. Calling Verbal and Yoon to present their show they  dressed up three of the groups they represent so they sing their hits while modeling their clothes. The Bands where Yelle , Say Lou Lou both french and my favorites Citizens! five london boy with an allure mix of The Beatles and Mick Jagger, dazzled us with their hit True Romance and unique version of When the desset Miss the Rain. The Critique? Everyone thought they could have presented more clothes but I think it is simply part of the concept, I am sure we will see more clothes. To be continued on the next Showbusiness Presentation !

Be Conceptual,





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