Mad Men

Smalto SS 2013

3363 beautiful IMG_3322 IMG_3323 IMG_3339 IMG_3345 IMG_3346 IMG_3366 IMG_3377 IMG_3417IMG_3400  Smalto3388

So 2013 is here and it means  fashion weeks are around the corner, starting with men’s, preparing for Pitti Huomo which will be my first time in Florence!! and of course Paris. So getting in the mood I will post about Men’s SS 2013 collections that I photographed last summer. Here is my favorite one, if you are a woman I am sure you understand why… I would buy them all with the model included :). Seriously speaking I think it was one of the best presentations, SMALTO is a brand that is making a come back after a few years of silence and being a little lost, regaining the codes that made it famous ( italian tayloring with a bit of casual) it is in the rise again. The Petite but very creative artistic director Young Chong Bak is waking up slowly but surely  (And sexy I should ad!), transporting the archives of the house to a new era. In any case I hope more men’s designers follow this trend of presentation it is fun and candy for the eyes!. I let you pick your favorite “look” ;).

Be Beautiful,




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