Smoking – Smoking

Are we Lucky?



Smoking Smoking

Last November in a the special event held by Alexis Mabille, I made a wonderful musical discovery the Duo Smoking – Smoking two very Parisian girls with a wonderful voice and unique style, they made the event authentic, I had to interview them so you can know them too.

 Smoking – Smoking is the Duo of Vanessa Filho and Audrey Ismael , after  being friends for 7 years, sharing multiple interests in common among them music. Less than two years ago they decided after a wild night in a bar where they sang “Are we Lucky” to play around, recording it on their phone. The next day when the listened to their voices they thought that it was time to get together and make their music dreams come true. Both come from artistic backgrounds, Vanessa a photographer and director that is responsible also fro directing their video and producing their visuals, Audrey in production and movies more involved in music. Both have in common an amazing voice style and writing skills, all the songs the duo are written by them, if still you don’t know them , as you will have an opportunity to listen and know them you will understand what I mean.

 Their style is a mix of jazz and soul with deep inspiring words.

 The name came from many things, a game of words first as they both smoke,  the smoking itself that can be worn by  women and men, black and white and of course they are two.

Their evolution has been natural and quite fast, many key encounters and moments leave them today with an album in the hands ready to conquer France and beyond (I see them arriving in New York J pronto!), a photo exposition in Paris sharing the images of their world and may other surprises.

Listening to their amazing story I understood that sometimes you have to just give the first step and if you are in your tune everything flows, there can be hard moments but there is a big sign that says “Go Continue” constantly , a real case of Synchronicity, and when you listen to Are we Lucky? You understand why.

A big thanks to Audrey for the interview and all the luck for these talented women. Please after reading just watch the video here.

Be Lucky,





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