Kate Moss for Versace ss 2013

Like Old Times




I am sorry for my weeks absence to post, the Holiday season is always a little crazy, and it is normally when between all the frenzy as the new year approaches we are reviewing the year, where we are, where we would like to be so its all good and we are back. Before I saw the new ss 2013 of Versace, I have  found this old photo in a blog, it must be of 1995 if my fashion memory works well,Gianni Versace preparing Kate Moss for the shoot of some campaign most probably photographed by Richard Avedon, almost 20 years later Kate Moss is still modeling for the brand this time under the eye of Mert and Marcus with their unique spacey style. I do like the campaign but still I miss that Avedon-Versace style :). Some times simple cool is better.

Be Simple,




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