Sweetly Devastated


François Alary et Ophélie Kière are the creative duo behind the label  Dévastéeas young as they seem  Dévastée already has almost 10 years in the world. They both grew up in the south of France and came to Paris to study fashion at Esmod , Ophelie specialized in women’s wear and Francois in custom design. With not much thinking and much passion they both decided to create their own brand after graduation, the phrase they used ” Se jeter dans l’eau” a little bit more than just putting the feet on the water, just going fully for it. They created their first collection in 2004 and had the opportunity to present it during the festival d’Hyeres, which was a very important step in their career and the running engine to continue presenting collections every year. They started with only 10 prototypes which shows that sometimes one just has to do it and learn on the way. But they presented their first fashion show in 2009 invited by the Chambre Syndicale de la Mode. Their concept was to create luxury clothes that talk about death in an  ironic humorous way (I would ad sweet, you just need to look at the prints). Concept that has been solid all through the seasons  but always using similar colors (black and white mainly) . Francois draw out all the prints for he collection, always alluring in some way “the death” but never really talking about it. Their universe goes today beyond the clothes to decoration, creating special fabrics for pillows, curtains and other things. The thing that intrigued me most is the name “Devastee” = “Devastated” which really stands out among high end brands. In the words of Ophelie they wanted to be unique on what is out there, most brands want to use “beautiful, positive” words and Dévastée just was the right name to achieve that.  Today they have established their brand and universe and start expanding to other realms, this Christmas their Perceptions book will come out in France and after that they will launch a stationary collection in 2013. Dévastée has a very unique characteristic in relation to other brands is that they are involved in all the creative process of every item of their collections that is why when they develop something it takes more time as they don’t delegate anything creatively, which in this industrious time is an important value as when you buy something from the brand you know they both created it and not a team. I personally love some of their prints, they are fun and all have a story, that day Ophelie was wearing a blouse with a print with a special herbes (with a smiley)  they find in the south (check picture one), only they can think of something like that! It was a real pleasure to meet them, inspiring to see young gutsy talented people. We wish them all the success 🙂

Be Ironic,





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