Lutz Huelle



As you know one of he things I must love about my “job” is encountering people, creative people that inspire you in many ways. Lutz Huelle is one of them. I met him yesterday in his Paris office in the heart of the Marais where he has his office and atelier where all his collections are brought to life. As I met him it was a little like meeting an old friend to get a glimpse on what he has been doing the last years, he gave me a very nice tour of everything, introducing me to everyone and asking me how is Mexico, more than an interview it was a nice conversation of discovering his philosophy of life and design that has helped him build and re-build his brand in the last twelve years.

Lutz describes his style as a “mix of everything” (sportswear, eveningwear, male tailoring) all but into a blender to create different looks, he states his purpose is not that his clients “promote” him through his designs but more his designs help promote the uniqueness of their personality, philosophy that I find very powerful.

He showed me the first brides dress he has designed by request of Maria Luisa, one of the loyal buyers of the brand, the dress was really simple, but not in a dull way that you can see it will be about the girl who wears it but it will help her just come forward.

Lutz originally from Germany started by studying a foundation course in Central Saint Martin’s College  where he had the opportunity to experiment with different arts not only fashion, but by doing that he decided that he wanted to develop himself in an area where what he created was used in real life not only a piece of art or something to hang somewhere.

From the beginning his inspiration has been the people and the streets, he likes to observe how people live, and wear clothes, in his conclusion because we live in a fast world we need clothes that move with us from morning to night, with a good feel in the fabric and the way it just moves with you. His pieces is what I call “multifunctional” the dress you can wear with a nice pairs of heels (Steigers maybe !) or pair of flat leather boots and both ways you can look great. (Click here for my favorite SS 2013 design)

At the beginning of his career he was working in Margiela but after three years he decided to start his own, splitting time between freelance and independence, with the money he made with his freelance work he founded his first collection that he presented in 2000 in Paris.

Through some ups and downs Lutz has progressed through these years demonstrating that his vision that at the beginning was not quite understood because he was a step in advance in “constructing and deconstructing” is here to stay and evolve, through his women’s line and soon men’s.

Now he is preparing next season’s collection which promises to be very unique (that is all I can tell for now) but I had the privilege to see how the inspiration comes together to create a collection,  which is a gradual process , very interesting.

To close I asked him what is his philosophy that has helped him all these years on good and less good times, “If you thing what you are doing is right, stick to it” specially in this business, you have to believe in your vision and yourself and it will all work out. Yes indeed! A big thank you to Lutz for his time and just being himself!

Be a Visionaire,




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