Oscar Carvallo SS 2013

Latin Couture

Here are the “Out of the Oven” beautiful pictures of Oscar Carvallo’s Spring Summer 2013 pret a porter collection, they where taken by Ralph Wenig. This is the first collection that Oscar has used flowers, he normally is more inspired by “the sea” and “marine” themes, but he just fell in love with a flowered fabric that inspired the rest. Oscar is preparing his first Paris Haute Couture show for this January 2013, I am very excited for him as a close friend, and also feel lucky that sometimes when I drop by in the office I just catch him in the middle of creating it, looking from where I came from (Tijuana) it is quite cool to think about this. So in between you have the pictures of him just working, as he normally does, I promise you he is no posing, I guess it is the grace of just being and doing what you are meant to do :). As for the first show, I just can tell you it will very nicee 😉 and happy to collaborate with him in the preparations. And of course you will follow it with me.

Be Inspired,




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