Ana Quasoar

 There are times you have encounters that go beyond of what you expected, this is what happened when I met Ana Quasoar.  Like on a blind date you may have an idea of a person but then you are nicely surprised.

Before going to visit her at her shop in Paris, I read about her and was intrigued on how a woman could have done so many things in an organic way, she studied art, anthropology, travelled, had an executive career and finished up as  an Haute Couture designer making “brides to be”, dreams come true. It is nice to dig in to get inspired and not  being afraid to take risks on our life to change directions.

Graceful, with a soft voice and very polite she received me in her store in the second district of Paris, where she  shared with me her philosophy, inspiration and how she approaches her clients. “I really like to seize the personality of the women who come to see me to dress them in the most important day of their lives  and I like to think of their husbands too”, quite important, it is true many times the husband is left out on the dress decision :).

In her words the wedding dress should be “A Manifesto” of who the woman is, as she wears it in one of the most special occoasion of her life,  also it should represent what made her man fall in love with her, which I found is a very beautiful way to look at it.

Getting to the point of becoming an Haute Couture designer took many years of studies in beaux arts, anthropology, travelling  and even the executive world as a retail buyer yet she She has always been passionate about beauty and esthetics and the idea of brining dreams to the daily life. And that is her trademark in her creations for her clients.

She says her mission is to help women be sublime not only in what they wear but how they feel and carry themselves, she has created a unique coaching program to help you bring out the best of you making you conscious of your qualities and accepting sometimes that what we think is our defect could just be our biggest quality. I will make another post about that as I have been through it and it is amazing, I recommend it. As for clothes Ana not only does wedding dresses she creates amazing accessories that go with them. She also does daily life wear with the same custom service , in the future she is planning to create a pret-a-porter line so she can reach more women and a accessory line.  I leave you with her philosophy and advice to all, “Assumez qui vous etes” which means to really accept and own who you are, don’t try to be different , is in making the best of who you are, that you will shine, yes indeed !. If you are in Paris you have to visit her!

Be Beautiful,



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