A Photographic Dream

Today I went to visit the PARIS PHOTO 2012 exposition at the Grand Palais, a wonderful experience in everyway, as a passionate of photography having the privilege to see all the best artists in the domain that are out there is just a gift. Today to make it more special David Lynch (who is like the godfather-parrain of this edition) gave a conference to talk about his collaboration with the show. This year Lynch was asked to see most of the paintings that would be exhibited before everyone else and chose his favorite ones, he did this with out knowing who the author was or where they came from, quoting his exact words “I chose them by following my heart and mind”, and I do believe him. During the conference he was asked why he chose some of them and what did he see in them that was special, with all the imagination his famous for, he thought us in a few minutes how a story can be born with one picture, if he wants to go beyond the recognition of the “object by the word” , also to look differently at what might be “disturbing” or “ugly”. Fascinating to listen, you always learn something from him. To make the post I wanted to steal the idea in some way, I did not make such  a choice, but I wanted in images showed you the ones that  I Love the most, as though I took you walking with me. As a result I have the longest post ever! It was very difficult to choose.

I tried to put before the picture in every case the author, if not please don’t hesitate to go to the PARIS PHOTO site and you will find most of them.  You will find among the pictures the iconic Irvin Penn who I just adore, if ever I collect photos, I will have one his photos, and if you are a fashion lover you will think the same, more of our times Herb Ritts who practically had the first shots of Christy Turlington and all the supermodels, Sara Moon, Newton and f course new discoveries for me that are not related to fashion like Valerie Belin , Carla van de Puttelar, Alan Rath, Miguel Rothschild , Sara Acremann, Karen Knorr and Massimo Vitali who I saw at the auction of Sotheby’s and his phot went for more than 20,000 euros.

This year it was quite rich as they where more than 1000 artists presented and more international galleries, the show is expanding to LA where it will take place from  the 25th  to the 28th of April 2013, if you are there don’t miss it :). It is an inspiration if you do photography, collect photos or just want to enlarge your vision of things and get nice surprises like conferences and meeting with the artists.

Closing the post you see David Lynch’s signature on the book I bought today, as he was signing he was doing every one with a perfection that it looks printed, and when he finishes he holds your hand with a huge smile when he gives your book back, a sweet moment to keep!.

Looking forward to next year.

Be Extraordinaire,



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