November 11th

A day like this my life changed

A day like this 7 years ago I saw Paris for the first time, let’s say I met her. I had no expectations, I always thought I would come to Paris with the “love” of my life a honey moon a celebration, but I came because a friend bailed out on me on a vacation to Barcelona, I wanted to come have a vacation with friends and when my friend cancelled another one said I come with you, but just to Paris.I said ok, all I wanted to do is go to Europe. I did not know then but he indeed changed the direction of my life. I met with the city of lights and I fell in love, my heart told me you have to come here and live once in you life, and I did less than a year later I was living here. Sometimes I wonder what would have been if my friend did not bail out on me for Barcelona, would I be here, gone through everything I did, I don’t think so, actually I should her a thank you note, as she helped me take the best decision of my life. So I am writing this in another time, still in love with city in some way, in another place in my life and in gratitude for the surprises and signs life has :). Today 11 is my lucky number and as numerology fan they say 7 is the number of closing cycles, I am excited and ready to start the new “era” or “cycle” in the city that has changed my life and meet my dreams. And I am more than happy to share it with you:).




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