Pedro Lourenço SS 2013

Brazilian Star

Pedro Lourenço had his debut at the Paris Fashion week on 2010 at the age of 19. One of the youngest designers to ever participate officially during the week, now 22 at his young age Lourenco is highly appreciated by the international press, not only because he is young but also because he is talented and has a futuristic touch in his cuts and accessories (In his FW 2011 show when I first saw his collection, he had all the models with IPAD bags that where the perfect compliment of his collection) that are marking his individual style. These are the pictures from the SS 2013 collection that I found really nice, marking his style from the beginning Symmetric shapes (square mainly), pink and black and playing around with textures. I think there is evolving to do as some things do remind me a little to Proenza and Schouler as Balenciaga, but I am sure as the year pass he will reinforce his vision and become one of the most famous Brazilian designers of these times.

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