La Petite Veste Noire Carine Rotfield & Karl Lagerfeld

Hommage to a Classic

As I walked in rue Rivoli today I found out this new book came out “La Petite Veste Noire” an hommage to Coco Chanel’s iconic piece, orquestrated by master mind Karl Lagerfeld and the woman of the moment Carine Rotfield, as I passed I was bewildered by the photo until I realized it was Carine herself. The book gathers may personalities wearing the iconic piece, the book was launched last summer in Japan, a good buy for those who are fan of the brand. As for Carine I think she is becoming or already is the most influential woman in fashion, many may go more towards Ana Wintour, but I think Carine’s influence is getting stronger, so many collaborations (MAC, Givenchy, Karl), her new magazine  (CR Fashion Book) and her position as Global Fashion Director, she is on the way of the creation of Carine Inc. . In any case I really like her work, Vogue Paris lost when she left but I think she won, I am looking forward to see what is coming on her side and hopefully collaborate with her one day in some way :). And before I forget if you are in Paris don’t miss the Exhibition at the Mini  Palais of the pictures of the book.

Have a Vision,



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