Lisa Eldridge Make-up


Make-up Mentor/Guru

Today I was in the internet looking at some videos when by accident I found some videos posted by Chanel in collaboration with british make-up artist Lisa Eldridge, the videos are educational showing you how to use the latest Chanle make-up collection, but getting a true professional as a teacher. Lisa is one of the most respected professionals in her fields, celebrities look for her to their make-up for their red carpet events from Keira Knightley for the recent London premiere of Ana Karenina to Kate Winstlet for her latest magazine appearance. But what I think makes her even more special is the fact she likes to share her knowledge not only through Chanel but through her website  giving us a 101 on how to try to get the look she has produced on her stars, another good news she is not always trying to get you to use epensive brands but also drugstore ones, that with some good expert advice can make you look like the star of the night the next time you are out. Pleas check her site (Lisa Eldrige)  and get glamourous :).

Be Beautiful,

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