Laurence Andre Paris


Today I had the pleasure to meet Laurence Andre, beautiful and graceful as her designs, she showed me her first Ready to Wear Collection from Spring Summer 2013. Licensed as an arquitect Laurence transitioned into fashion in 2009 when she joined forces with stylist Frederic Blanc to create an Haute Couture Collection. Like that she presented 3 collections, the last one in 2011 until this year that she decided to « Design for Real Women » as Haute couture was more theatrical and dreamlike it did not address the needs and lifestyle of the modern woman today, that she describes as feminine, bubbly and powerful. In both lines you can appreciate Laurence’s architecture background that inspires her to create unique shapes working with the body as her canvas. To create her patterns she works directly in the dummies playing with their shape, that is why her designs have such a respect of the women’s body. In November of this year she will launch in collaboration with Brand-Alley a special limited-edition collection for winter (more details to come) In the meantime I share with you the pictures of her SS 2013 collection that had many nice pieces, some of them « multifunctional » that give different uses for the same pièce and you can use them day and night, and of course a portrait of Laurence who I think should become her personal spokesperson, she simply looks stunning. Stay tuned as in spring you will be able to buy her designs in Brand Alley, My Beautiful Dressing and Rue de Createurs. It was a pleasure meeting Laurence, I always love to meet people that follow their hearts into the wilderness to make their dreams come true, you don’t have to have all the answers just the Dream, the willingness to work hard and not give up.

Be the Architect of your Life,



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