Basil Soda – Close up

This past fashion week I had the opportunity to  meet with Basil Soda as he presented his Spring Summer 2013 collection. As always I love to have a chat with designers to see what inspires them and how their collections comes about. In the case of Basil he explained to me why he constantly uses the image of the Falcon in his dresses and accessories, “For me the Basil woman is like a Falcon she is very strong but at the same time feminine” indeed when you see his designs you see strong architectural lines that make the silhouette strong but at the same time working intelligently with the shape of the women to create a very feminine look, it is no wonder that many movie stars chose to wear his gowns at different red carpet events in Cannes and LA. (From Paris Hilton to Marion Cotillard). But as I looked at the collection the cut was so perfect that you don’t have to be a star to look like one while wearing his creations :). And I like that philosophy not only for a season but for life, strength- feminine, it is a success formula for designers and women.

Be Strong & Feminine,



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