Balenciaga Sweatshirt

Sweatshirt Revolution

I am always amazed on how some items on the runway become a big trend, who starts wearing it, why? and how? it is a mystery, this past SS 2013 fashion weeks in Milan, NY, London and Paris we could spot the Balenciaga sweatshirt everywhere, stylists, buyers I almost thought I saw Ana Wintour (just kidding) but almost. I don’t dare to say it is pretty or ugly, it is different for sure and a revolution of the shape in did these weird looking sleeves, have been influencing many of the collections in some way, I have seen them on vests, coats, dresses, so for me they are the “sleeves of the future”, we will see, for sure is that this is one of the “it” items of the moment and I am curious to see how it will develop, will we all look like ski-fi characters.

Be in Advance,



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